Californian Massage

Experience the essence of the sea with Californian massage. The waves transmit strength, depth, security and magnetism, with a lot of character and intensity, and so is the energy of this massage with its careful and detailed technique.

And the sea is also calm, softness, integration and shelter, so with long strides the immensity of its effect is integrated, feeling the size of your body, giving the optimum space for the mind to relax and the body can express themselves with total freedom.

This complementary duality, perfectly balanced and always in motion, make each session a unique sensory experience and amazing for the senses.

Californian Massage demo by Regina Carbó

With the Californian massage you can relax, let go, enjoy a space and a moment that is only for you, feeling whenever you are with. On a more therapeutic level, it will allow you to explore a new depth of your being through your body, perhaps discovering things about yourself that will take you on a journey of amazing personal growth.

Prices, rules and additional services of the consultation

1h 30min session, includes interview, massage and integration of work. In Vilafranca 55€, Sitges and Barcelona 60€.

See the additional rules here.

Special Californian massage for 4 hands, couples and groups

The four hand Californian Massage is a maximum experience in every way!

You will find us in Vilafranca, Sitges, Barcelona and Sant Cugat del Vallès. And in Vilafranca, you also have the option to be accompanied by live music. See demo.

And if you are a couple (sentimental, friends, etc.) or a group that wants to massage you at the same time, contact me.

~Focusing to your Personal North~